Land, Water, and Food are at the forefront of nearly every discussion for future concerns. Upward Harvest is addressing all these issues. UH was founded in 2013 by Travis Flatt and a small group of investors. Although we are still a relatively small group, we are extremely driven, focused and proven. We want to serve others by advancing our technology in order to feed those that others aren't feeding. We want to make an impact in our communities we serve by teaching the youth how food is grown, equipping the capable of how to grow food, and implementing our technology where suitable. We are on a mission. With each new day we are proving that Vertical Farming and Sustainable Agriculture can have a significant impact on how we get our food. And for that reason - we hope to serve you, our friends, neighbors, community and customers for many years to come.  

Our founder, Travis Flatt (shown with wife, Olivia and children Tucker, Lenny, June, and Shepherd) has 21 years of experience in the horticulture industry and 10 years devoted to research and development in new growing technologies.  He has lead the charge in the practical implementation of various unique growing technologies into our successful prototype farm in Edmond, Oklahoma.  He was a recipient of the ‘Oklahoma Innovator of the Year’ award in 2012 for a sod technology that has evolved into the current growing practice being used today. Travis' work ethic and integrity stand alone and he is known for working relentlessly towards this projects’ success while remaining a devoted husband, father, and leader of this company. With the support of our family, friends, and business partners, the Upward Harvest team is quickly gaining recognition in the field of agricultural technologies.