Absolutely no chemicals, synthetic pesticides or formulated nutrients. Our crops are 100% certified organic using only a creative combination of disconnected elements of nature to maximize yields organically.  

Locally Sourceable

A key driver in the development of our technology was that it had to be built from commonly available materials anywhere in the world. No motors, no gears, and no mechanical restraints. This also makes our technology very affordable to deploy.



We developed our growing technology to make for a far more profitable farming venture by creating growing structures that utilize natural nutrients and natural sunlight to grow nutritious produce in abundance. 


Just like the plants, animals, and produce we grow - our technology is as much artistic as it is functional. Our urban farms will bring beauty to agriculture in a way that embraces and showcases nature like never before. 


Efficiency at the heart

  • Makes urban farming profitable
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Growing structures are water driven
  • PVC water lever and bicycle integration
  • Structures turn throughout the day to maximize sunlight
  • Patented system



Tremendous crop diversification

  • Horticultural and landscape capabilities
  • System can run aquaponic or hydroponic
  • Utilizes natural light or artificial light
  • Can construct for 3rd world applications
  • System can scale up or down
  • Grows year-round in any weather


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