Offering information 

BUFFALO: These majestic animals can be found just 10 minutes west of Guthrie on some of the most beautiful land Oklahoma has to offer. You may not know, but Buffalo or Bison meat is literally one of the healthiest meats on earth. Thankfully enough, that nutrition is provided through a sweet flavor that can be appreciated by anyone. These animals are reminiscent of the meat our ancestors enjoyed long before diabetes and heart disease became so prevalent. That makes sense when you see how much less fat, cholesterol, and calories it has vs. beef while having higher levels of protein, iron, and vitamin B-12! Maybe the most appreciated aspect of this offering is the way these animals are raised and finished. Our Buffalo are finished in the fields where they were born. On the very land they have grazed all their days, these animals NEVER experience a livestock trailer, slaughter house, or a concrete butcher floor. Not only does this pay the animals the upmost respect, it also gives us the very finest of meat, that is completely free from stress. This is an exclusive offering brought through a partnership between Buffalo Farms of Upward Harvest & Buffalo Creek of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Please contact us directly for information on personal farm tours with the purchase of entire animal. 

Tilapia: Our fish have an amazing environment to thrive in and are never introduced to antibiotics, growth hormones, or other animal waste as a food source, as in the industry standards. Our tilapia enjoy the cleanest growing system and the taste and texture of our fish will confirm this to be true. Don't believe us? Come visit the farm to see for yourself. Our fish live in water that has less ammonia than our city drinking water! Vacuum sealed, each 1lb package contains 4-6 fillets. 

Eggs: Our hens are raised in the most loving way possible. With unlimited access to sunshine, fresh water, and freedom to forage, these girls produce some of the best looking and tasting eggs you will ever find. To compliment their growing environment, we also grow a percentage of their food directly on our farm so that we know exactly what goes into our chickens.

Baby Kale: We harvest our kale to order making it the most pleasant tasting, nutrient dense kale around. This is not the tuff, bitter kale you might expect. Our kale is tender and mild with a very pleasant flavor and texture. It can be enjoyed in many ways. We promise, you'll love this stuff! Each 4 ounce portion makes at least 2 large salads.

Baby Flavor Greens: We are called to eat a rainbow of colors for overall body health and these baby beet greens allow you to do just that. These pretty things have a pleasant kiss of sweet flavor that will make your palate rejoice.Give your salad the look that brings awe from every chef on Instagram. With these three options for leafy greens, you'll never want to go back to head Romaine lettuce again. Each 4 ounce portion makes at least 2 large salads.